"Now it is a fact that know-how comes through experience and that is certainly the case for Michael Andrew. His years of practice in landscape and nature photography proofed to be a fruitful foundation for this new discipline. It is impossible to say what his work would have looked like had he started his career with male photography, but I think it is fairly safe to state that his experience with light, color, contrast and different sceneries definitely helped in finding creative angles and exciting concepts"

Beautiful Mag

I see and shoot the Male Physique as a beautiful piece of art and architecture from clothed in great fashions to the strength, beauty, and pureness of the male physique just as the Statue of David stands today and still revered for.

I've been shooting for over 8 years, starting with architecture, landscape, & nature photography and changed my focus and brought my attention to working with and showcasing the same aspects as I started to the Male Models I work with and showcase.

I had the great opportunity to assist, learn, and work side-by-side with Photographer Andy Armano of Miami Beach and with his work and inspiration helped me gain the know how and ethics that I still hold today and bring to my shoots and models.

My work will show you all you need to know about how I shoot and the type of photographs you will get from me. I work with clients, agencies, brands, and models seeking to build their portfolio.

— Michael Andrew